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Choral Music

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Gentry Publications 2024-2025


Composer: Lloyd, Shavon

Be Thou My Vision

Arranger: Robinson, Paul John

Build Ye The Walls

Composer: Simpson-Curenton, Evelyn

Celebrate This Life

Composer: Blevins, Sherry

Celebrate Us

Composer: Powell, Rosephanye

Corde Natus Ex Parentis

Composer: Merritt, Justin

Deep Peace

Composer: Bridges, David

Dere's No Hidin' Place Down Here

Arranger: Gibbs, Stacey V

Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel

Arranger: Twine, Linda

Dixit Dominus

Composer: Martines, Marianna
Arranger: Hathaway, Andrew

Fix Me

Arranger: Corley, Maria

For You There Is No Song

Composer: Zrust, Adam

G String Swing

Composer: Ferrario, Pietro

Get On Board Little Children

Arranger: Thomas, Andre J

Golden Day, A

Composer: Vu, Patrick

Gonna Ride Up In De Chariot

Arranger: Ferdinand, Jason Max

Green Voice, A

Composer: Valverde, Mari Esabel

He's Jus' the Same Today

Arranger: Jones, Michael A

Hymn, The

Arranger: Gibbs, Stacey V

I Don't Need No Man

Arranger: Sharp, Tim

I Hear The Drum

Composer: Dent, Cedric

If Ye Love Me

Composer: Osicki, Oscar

In The Midst of New Dimensions

Arranger: Trenney, Tom

In Time of Silver Rain

Composer: Thomas, Andre J

Into The Light Deliver Me

Composer: Burchard, Richard

Journey On

Composer: Wright, Reginal

Joy Hope Peace and Love

Composer: Packwood, Gary

Jubilant Song, A

Composer: Williams, Brandon

Just Can't Tell It All

Composer: Smith, Byron

Las Mananitas

Arranger: Luna, Oscar

Let Everything That Hath Breath

Composer: Butler, Mark

Let Me Not Lose My Dream

Composer: Scheibe, Sam

Let My Light Shine

Composer: Berry, D Shawn

Lord How Come Me Here

Composer: Lee, Sylvia Olden
Arranger: Simpson-Curenton, Evelyn

Mary Had A Little Lamb

Composer: Dent, Cedric

Mold Me Make Me

Composer: Ragins, Natalie
Arranger: Waddles, Brandon

My Lord What A Morning

Arranger: Dent, Cedric

My Old Kentucky Home

Composer: Foster, Stephen
Arranger: Burchard, Richard


Composer: Vu, Patrick

O Come All Ye Faithful

Arranger: Simpson-Curenton, Evelyn

Oh It's Goin' to Be A Mighty Day

Arranger: Ward, Steven

Once I Filled My Hand With Mist

Composer: Robles, Zanaida Stewart

Prayer of St Francis

Composer: Valverde, Mari Esabel

Psalm 70

Composer: Osicki, Oscar


Composer: Bernarducci, Anthony

Sign Me Up (With Roll Jordan Roll)

Composer: Boyd, Brandon A

Silent Night

Arranger: Simpson-Curenton, Evelyn

Sing Change

Composer: Pederson, Kyle

Sing Me Awake

Composer: Kim, Dylan

Song of Life, A

Composer: Garrett, Marques L A


Composer: Koning, Kelvyn

Swan, The

Composer: Burchard, Richard

Swing Down

Arranger: Burton, Ken

Thunkasila Imayaluskin

Composer: Linthicum-Blackhorse

Wall Breaks Asunder, The

Composer: Maglione, Anthony J

We Are The Music Makers

Composer: Pethel, Stan

Words Are Only Words

Composer: Schneider, Will

You Promised

Composer: Dunn, Adrian

You Quiet Wonder

Composer: Roberto, Nick

About the recordings

Mp-3 files were created from “promotional recordings” produced by the publishers. When possible, Stanton's uses the full recording, but due to the fact that some tracks were only made available as “publisher promtional copies” some of the tracks may be excerpted. The recordings are just as you hear them on the original promotion.

This portion of the website will continue to develop as we obtain more recordings. We are very sorry to say... We may not be able to include some recordings into the listening lab due to copyright issues.

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