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Current Promotions

Grand Mesa

Allegro Spiritoso (Fr Div #8 K213)

Composer: Mozart, W A
Arranger: Stockton, Marcia

Auld Lang Syne

Arranger: Bobrowitz, David

Baroque Miniatures

Composer: Bach, J S
Arranger: Harris, Jerry Weseley

Battlesong (Str Orch)

Composer: Standridge, Randall D
Arranger: Law, J Cameron

Birds On A Wire

Composer: Allen, Ted

Bohemian Dance

Composer: Bobrowitz, David

Candy Shop, The

Composer: Bobrowitz, David

Chance Dance

Composer: Siegler, Sarah

Danse Carnivale (Str Orch)

Composer: Standridge, Randall

Dream Dancing

Composer: Holmquist, Carl

Farewell For A Friend

Composer: Day, Susan H

Heart Strings

Composer: O'Grady, Terence

Hymn Procession and Round Dance

Composer: Moore, Robert

Moorish Dance

Composer: Verdi, Giuseppi
Arranger: Tassone, Pasquale

O Come O Come Emmanuel

Arranger: Holmes, Brian

On The High Seas

Composer: Wheeler, Christopher

Pizzicato Fizz

Composer: Rosenhaus, Steven

Popcorn Pizzicato

Composer: Day, Susan H

Romanian Waltz

Composer: Ivanovici, Ion
Arranger: Law, J Cameron

Sailor's Journey, A

Composer: Bobrowitz, David

Stephen Foster Legacy

Composer: Foster, Stephen
Arranger: Bobrowitz, David

Waltzes From A Narrow House

Composer: Moore, Robert

Wing Glider, The

Composer: Bobrowitz, David

About the recordings

Mp-3 files were created from “promotional recordings” produced by the publishers. When possible, Stanton's uses the full recording, but due to the fact that some tracks were only made available as “publisher promtional copies” some of the tracks may be excerpted. The recordings are just as you hear them on the original promotion.

This portion of the website will continue to develop as we obtain more recordings. We are very sorry to say... We may not be able to include some recordings into the listening lab due to copyright issues.

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