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Alliance Publications (2016-2017)

A La Claire Fontaine

Arranger: Daley, Eleanor


Composer: Antognini, Ivo
Arranger: Earley, Desmond


Composer: Narverud, Jacob

Ave Maria

Composer: Alcaraz, Albert

Ay Linda Amiga

Arranger: Leininger, Jim

Fly Away

Composer: Bigler, Dwight

Go Lovely Rose

Composer: Stroope, Z Randall

Hodie Initium

Composer: Bigler, Dwight

I Arise Today

Composer: Emery, Matthew


Composer: Antognini, Ivo


Composer: Ramsey, Andrea

Jubilate Deo

Composer: Da Rold, Manolo

Little David Play On Your Harp

Arranger: Howard, David


Composer: Alblinger, Johann Casper
Arranger: Banner, Martin

No Words (From Images)

Composer: Landes, Rob

Noel Nouvelet

Arranger: Schumacker, Alec

O Bone Jesu

Composer: Da Rold, Manolo

O Filii Et Filiae

Composer: Antognini, Ivo

O Magnum Mysterium

Composer: Da Rold, Manolo


Composer: Antognini, Ivo
Arranger: Earley, Desmond

Priere De La Croix

Composer: Edmonds, David

Puer Natus

Composer: Da Rold, Manolo


Composer: Smith, Stephen


Composer: Da Rold, Manolo

Three Olde Englishe Rhymes

Composer: Rose, Sheldon

Trumpet Sounds Within-A My Soul

Arranger: Coleman, Ian David


Composer: Antognini, Ivo
Arranger: Earley, Desmond

When Eden Comes Again

Composer: Carter, John

When I Think Upon The Maidens

Composer: Head, Michael
Arranger: Neal, Paul

When Jesus Wept

Composer: Pinkston, Dan

About the recordings

Mp-3 files were created from “promotional recordings” produced by the publishers. When possible, Stanton's uses the full recording, but due to the fact that some tracks were only made available as “publisher promtional copies” some of the tracks may be excerpted. The recordings are just as you hear them on the original promotion.

This portion of the website will continue to develop as we obtain more recordings. We are very sorry to say... We may not be able to include some recordings into the listening lab due to copyright issues.

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