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Backyard Swing

Composer: Zunic, Ed

Balloon Ride

Composer: Bobrowitz, David

Bear Creek Bebop

Composer: Sharp, Thom

Bees Are Boppin'

Composer: Sharp, Thom

Bolero De Strings

Composer: Sharp, Thom

Bop Around The Block

Composer: Sharp, Thom

Calypso (Vn, Va, Vc Or Bass Solo W/S.o.)

Composer: Norgaard, Martin
Series: Beginning Strings

Calypso Sea

Composer: Newbold, Soon Hee
Series: Developing Strings

Caribbean Cruise

Composer: Bobrowitz, David
Arranger: Law, J Cameron

Cha Cha This Rhumba That

Composer: Lopez, Victor
Series: Intermediate

Chicken Foot Transplant

Composer: Turner, Matt
Series: Young String Orchestra

Crank It Up Shut It Down

Composer: Rodgers, Frank M

D String Boogie

Composer: Sweeney, Michael
Series: Essential Elements

Eastside Boogaloo

Composer: Turner, Matt
Series: Young Str Orch

Hit The Beach

Composer: Sorenson, Dean
Series: Alternative Styles


Composer: Frost, Robert S
Series: Playground String Orchest

Jazz Rhythmico

Composer: Mosier, Kirt N
Series: Achievement

Jazzy Blues

Composer: Siennecki, Edmund
Series: Strictly Strings

Jump Street Swing Jam

Composer: Sharp, Thom

Little Sunflower

Composer: Hubbard, Freddie
Arranger: Ligon, Bert

Locust Street Rag

Composer: Nunez, Carol

Mambo Amable

Composer: Sharp, Thom

Midnight On The Water

Composer: Thomasson, Benny
Arranger: Bratt, Renata
Series: String Alternatives

Movin' & Groovin'

Composer: Rodgers, Frank M
Series: Formerly Mvgv

Ready Set Swing

Composer: Frost/Elledge


Composer: Roberts, Sue
Arranger: Sharp, Thom

Riverboat Rag

Composer: Frizzi, Jeffrey
Series: Cadet String Orchestra

Rock The Bow Baby

Composer: Rodgers, Frank M

Salsa Verde

Composer: Sharp, Thom

Samba Del Sol

Composer: Spata, Doug
Series: String Orchestra

Shadows In The House

Composer: Sharp, Thom

Shake Rag Alley

Composer: Turner, Matt
Series: Young

Spy Vs Spy

Composer: Turner, Matt
Series: Performance

String'n & Swing'n

Composer: Rodgers, Frank M

Stringin'the Blues

Composer: Haspiel, Franklin
Series: Boosey & Hawkes Orchestra

Swing Into Strings

Composer: Del Borgo, Elliot
Series: Playground


Composer: Bullock, Jack

Tumbleweed Blues

Composer: Frueh, George T
Series: Playground String Orchest

Twinkle Toes

Composer: Sharp, Thom

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This portion of the website will continue to develop as we obtain more recordings. We are very sorry to say... We may not be able to include some recordings into the listening lab due to copyright issues.

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