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String Orchestra High School C

All The Pretty Little Horses

Arranger: Gruselle, Carrie L
Series: Hs C

A Birch Bay Celebration

Composer: Meyer, Richard
Series: Highland/Etling String Or

Canarios (From Suite Espanola)

Composer: Sanz, Gaspar
Arranger: Longfield, Robert
Series: Developing Strings

Dance of Salome

Composer: Compello, Joseph
Series: Young String Orch

Danse Infernale

Composer: Del Borgo, Elliot
Series: Omea Hs C/Jh A, Str Cho B

Dark Catacombs

Composer: O'Loughlin, Sean
Series: Hs C

Dia De Alegria

Composer: Phillips, Bob
Series: High/Et String Orch

The Dory Anne

Composer: Frost, Robert S
Series: Ms B 2018 (moved From Ome

Dove's Vagary

Composer: Atwell, Shirl Jae
Series: Hs C 2014


Composer: Spata, Doug
Series: Highland/Etling So

Grand March From Aida

Composer: Verdi, Giuseppe
Arranger: Hall, Percy
Series: Off List 2018 (HS C 2014)

Humoresque Op 10 #2

Composer: Tchaikovsky
Arranger: Calhoun, Bill
Series: Concert Str Orch

In Paradisum

Composer: Faure, Gabriel
Arranger: Lipton, Bob
Series: Hs C 2014

Korean Folk Song Variants (Arirang)

Arranger: Del Borgo, Elliot
Series: Omea Hs C 2001

Korean Melody (Doraji)

Arranger: Wang, Albert
Series: Developing

March From Symphony #6

Composer: Tchaikovsky
Arranger: Dabczynski, Andrew H
Series: String Explorer

Measured Tones

Composer: Silva, Alan Lee
Series: First Plus

Molly Malone

Arranger: Bobrowitz/Law

Nordic Lullaby, A

Composer: Grieg, Edvard
Arranger: La Plante, Pierre
Series: Fjh Developing Strings

The Olive Tree

Composer: Stein, Arlene C
Arranger: Gazda, Doris
Series: Hs C - Off Ms B 2018


Composer: Faure, Gabriel
Arranger: Phillips, Bob
Series: Omea Hs C/Ms A Str Orch

Prelude To Te Deum

Composer: Charpentier, M A
Arranger: Mccashin, Robert D
Series: Fjh Developing Strings

Red Gully

Composer: Sweet, George
Series: Hs C Ms A 2014

Rondino On A Theme of Beethoven

Composer: Kreisler, Fritz
Arranger: Gazda, Doris
Series: Performance

Rough Riders

Composer: Hall, Percy
Series: Hs C Ms A 2014


Composer: O'Loughlin, Sean
Series: Hs C

Rustic Dance

Composer: Compello, Joseph
Series: Hs C

Shanghai Hornpipe

Composer: Sharp, Keith
Series: Omea Hs C---off Ms A 2014

Shipwreck Beach

Composer: Rabinowitz, Carole N

Star of Valor

Composer: Spata, Doug
Series: Hs C - Off Ms A 2018

Swashbucklers Saga

Composer: Thomas, Chris
Series: Fjh Developing Strings

Theme From The 1812 Overture

Composer: Tchaikovsky
Arranger: Story, Michael
Series: Orchestra Expressions 2

Themes From Symphony #3

Composer: Saint-Saens, Camille
Arranger: Longfield, Robert
Series: Intermediate

William Tell Finale

Composer: Rossini, Gioacchino
Arranger: Hall, Percy
Series: Omea Hs C


Composer: Bernofsky, Lauren
Series: Hs C 2014

About the recordings

Mp-3 files were created from “promotional recordings” produced by the publishers. When possible, Stanton's uses the full recording, but due to the fact that some tracks were only made available as “publisher promtional copies” some of the tracks may be excerpted. The recordings are just as you hear them on the original promotion.

This portion of the website will continue to develop as we obtain more recordings. We are very sorry to say... We may not be able to include some recordings into the listening lab due to copyright issues.

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