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Palm Sunday

Ain't No Rock Gonna Shout For Me

Composer: Larson, Lloyd

Ain't No Rock Gonna Shout For Me

Composer: Larson, Lloyd

All Glory Laud and Honor

Arranger: Nichols, Richard A

Bring Palm Branches

Composer: Berry, Cindy


Arranger: Dengler, Lee

Comes The King

Composer: Stons/Carlson
Arranger: Williamson, Dave

A Crown Of Thorns

Composer: Lantz/Williams

Enter He Triumphantly

Composer: Davenport, David
Arranger: Pethel, Stan

Entry Into Jerusalem

Composer: Besig/Price

Fanfare For Palm Sunday

Arranger: Mcdonald, Mary

Festival Anthem On Ellecombe

Composer: Lantz, David

Glory To The King Sing Hosanna

Composer: Handel, G F
Arranger: Libergen, Patrick M

Gospel Hosanna

Composer: Schrader, Jack

He Shall Reign

Composer: Courtney, Craig


Arranger: Blersch, Jeffrey


Composer: Cox/Lindh

Hosanna and Blessing For Palm Sunday

Composer: Courtney/Furman

Hosanna and Hallelujah

Arranger: Raney, Joel

Hosanna Blessed Is He

Composer: Edwards, Dan R

Hosanna Hosanna

Composer: Martin, Joseph M

Hosanna In Excelsis

Composer: Purifoy, John

Hosanna In The Highest

Composer: Courtney, Craig

Hosanna In The Highest

Composer: Larson, Lloyd

Hosanna In The Streets

Composer: Choplin, Pepper

Hosanna Loud Hosanna

Arranger: Wright, Vicki

Hosanna Loud Hosanna

Composer: Alexander, Lowell
Arranger: Sterling, Robert
Series: Epiphany House

Hosanna Sing A Loud Hosanna

Composer: Hayes, Mark

Hosanna To The King

Composer: Courtney, Craig

Hosanna To The Lord

Composer: Mayo, Becki Slagle

Hosanna To The Son of David

Composer: Barrett/Williams
Arranger: Pethel, Stan

Hosanna We Sing

Arranger: Pethel, Stan

I'm Gonna Sing and Shout

Arranger: Mcdonald, Mary

Jesus Came In Triumph Riding

Composer: Larson, Lloyd

The King Of Glory

Composer: Martin, Joseph M

Let Hosannas Ring

Composer: Drennan, Patti

Let The People Sing Hosanna

Composer: Johnson, Victor C

Lift High The Cross

Composer: Kitchin/Newbolt/Nich
Arranger: Wright, Paul

Lift High Your Songs of Praise

Composer: Martin, Joseph M
Arranger: Angerman/Martin

Lift Up Your Heads/Hosanna Loud Hosanna

Composer: Fry/Threlfall
Arranger: Larson, Lloyd

A New Hosanna

Composer: Purifoy, John

O How Blessed Is He

Composer: Lawrence/Houston

Of Palms and Praise

Composer: Drennan/Furman

Palm Branches

Composer: Nolan/Williams

Palm Sunday Introit

Composer: Brooke, Ashley

Procession and Hymn For Palm Sunday

Arranger: Courtney, Craig

Processional of Praise To The King

Composer: Lantz Iii, David

A Processional Of Praise

Composer: Hannibal, Diane
Arranger: Nix, Brad

Rejoice The King Is Coming

Composer: Patterson, Mark

Ride On King Jesus

Arranger: Helvey, Howard

Ride On Ride On In Majesty

Composer: Macfarland, Peter

Shouts of Hosanna

Composer: Purifoy, John

Sing Hosanna Sing

Composer: Raney, Joel

Sing Out Hosanna To The Lord

Arranger: Liebergen, Patrick

Sing Sing Hosanna

Composer: Handel/Beall
Arranger: Kern, Phillip

The Small Passion

Composer: Pinkham, Daniel

Throw Open The Gates

Composer: Lantz Iii, David

Triumphal Entry

Composer: Drennan/Williams

Wave The Palms Hosanna

Composer: Schram, Ruth Elaine

We Remember Calvary

Composer: Raney, Joel

Who Is This King

Composer: Larson/Martin

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